The X Files I Want To Believe spoilers
"I Want To Believe"
Trailer Gallery - May 12, 2008

(MULDER): "Tell me what you see."

(Connolly): "I see eyes looking out."

(Connolly): "She tried to escape..."
... "But she couldn't."

(Connolly): "She's out there."

"... I know it."

(The X-Files theme whistle plays)

MULDER: "Scully?"

"I need you with this on me."

SCULLY: "And that's what scares me."

(Xzibit): "Hold the line, gentlemen..."

"Look left; look right."

(Connolly): "It's here."

"It's here!"

(Connolly): "So you believe in these kinds of things?"

(MULDER): "Let's just say I want to believe."

Frame grabs by Lyle.

See the X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE trailer on the official website at
See the (unreleased) teaser screenshots here

The music cue in this trailer is "Clash of Titans" by Immediate Music.
The track is from their amazing 'Themes For Orchestra & Choir #3' to be released this Fall.
Thank you to Webslinger for the information!

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