The X Files I Want To Believe spoilers
New Domestic TV Spot #1 (Gallery) - July 1, 2008

VOICE OVER: "From X-Files creator Chris Carter"

MULDER: "Scully?" SCULLY: "Mulder?"

VOICE OVER: "Comes the next chapter..."

FATHER JOE: "They're out there."

SCULLY: "Oh god!"

VOICE OVER: "In the phenomenon..."

"...that started it all."

SCULLY: "Listen."

VOICE OVER: "On July 25"

MULDER: "Everybody's given up, but I'm not going to!"

FATHER JOE: "It's here!"

VOICE OVER: "The motion picture event of the Summer..."

SPOILER ALERT: [highlight below]
Agent Whitney is pushed to her death down the elevator shaft

FATHER JOE: "It's here!"

VOICE OVER: "Will be revealed."


ASSISTANT DIRECTOR SKINNER: "What have you done?!"

VOICE OVER: "The X-Files."

"..Rated PG-13. July 25th. Only in theaters."

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